FCAT Tip of the Day

Know which type of question is easiest for you. Begin by answering the easiest questions. If you do this, be sure to mark the questions you skip with a question mark. Leave the ovals on the answer sheet blank for the questions you skip. Go back to those questions later.

Upcoming Activities

April 22 -  Algebra and Geometry EOC Boost Camps

April 23 - Algebra and Geometry EOC Boost Camps

April 23 - 24 - FCAT Reading - Grade 6

April 25 - FCAT Reading - Grade 7

April 28 - 29 - FCAT Reading - Grade 8

April 28 - Civics EOC Boost Camp

April 29 - Algebra and Geometry EOC Boost Camps

April 30 - Algebra and Geometry EOC Boost Camps

May 1 - Civics EOC Boost Camp

May 6 - Algebra and Geometry EOC Boost Camps

May 7 - Algebra and Geometry EOC Boost Camps

May 12 - 16 - Algebra EOC

May 19 - 23 - Geometry EOC

Our Mission

The mission of the Seminole County Public Schools is to ensure that all Early Childhood Program and PreK-Grade 12 students acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to be productive citizens in our great country and in the global economy. 

Important Information - 7th Grade FCAT Reading Rescheduled

Dear Parents,
Unfortunately, we experienced state wide technical difficulties regarding FCAT testing today. As a result, Teague Middle School will move Tuesday, April 22 FCAT schedule to Friday, April 25th. Please continue to encourage your child to think positive and do their best on this important assessment! 
Leon McCants, Principal

EOC Boost Camps - Civics, Algebra and Geometry

The faculty at Teague Middle School is looking forward to ensuring your student successfully completes the fourth quarter of the school year.  The fourth quarter of the school year is filled with challenges such as completing the Civics, Algebra and Geometry curriculum, FCAT testing and the end of course assessments in these courses.  We are offering free "Boost Camps", for each of these subjects.  These will provide students to enhance their knowledgein these subject areas by meeting after school to review and address deficiencies.  Please click on the links below to access additional information, including dates, times and permission forms for each subject.

Civics Information and Permission Form

Civics EOC Study Guide

Algebra Information and Permission Form

Geometry Information and Permission Form

Required Vaccinations for 2014 -15 Seventh Grade Students

The Florida Department of Health and the Department of Education requires all students entering 7th grade to have a Tdap booster (adult strength tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis) vaccine.  An updated Florida Certification of Immunization DH 680 form must be presented to the school before your child can receive a schedule or enter school on the first day of classes, August 11, 2014.

Please click on link below to access a document which will provide you with more information concerning how to obtain the vaccinations.

Parent Letter Concerning Tdap Booster (English and Spanish)




EPAT Practice Test Access and FCAT Explorer

All students have access to the FCAT EPAT Practice Test in order to become more accustomed to FCAT type questions in Reading (Grades 6-8) and Math (Grade 6).  Click on the link below to access the EPAT.  Click on "How to Install ePat Launcher" for directions concerning installation.  After installation, the student is asked to click on the desired practice test and then type his/her name.  Click the "Launch" button and the practice test is then available.


Students also have access to FCAT Explorer to practice their skills.  Many students already have access to their login names and passwords.  If you need access, students can request that information from their teachers.

FCAT Information - A Letter from Mr. McCants

Dear Parent/ Guardian,

Please review the following policies with your student before testing:

Electronic Devices—If your student is found with ANY electronic devices, including, but not limited to, cell phones and smart phones, at any time during testing OR during breaks, his or her test will be invalidated, which means it will not be scored. The best practice is for students to leave devices at home or in their lockers on the day of testing.

Testing Rules Acknowledgment—The Writing test includes a Testing Rules Acknowledgment that reads, “I understand the testing rules that were just read to me. If I do not follow these rules, my test score may be invalidated.” Prior to testing, test administrators will read the rules to students, and students must acknowledge that they understand the testing rules by signing their names under the statement.

Discussing Test Content after Testing—The last portion of the testing rules read to students before they sign the acknowledgment reads, “After the test, you may not discuss the Writing prompt with anyone. This includes any type of electronic communication, such as texting, emailing, or posting online, for example, on websites like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.” If students are found sharing information about test items, even without the intent to cheat, their tests will be invalidated.

Leaving Campus—If your student leaves campus before completing the test (for an appointment, illness, etc.), he or she WILL NOT be allowed to complete the test. If your student does not feel well on the day of testing, it may be best for him or her to wait and be tested on the make-up day.

If you have any questions related to this test administration, you may contact more information about the statewide assessment program, visit the FDOE website at http://fcat.fldoe.org/.

Thank you for supporting your student as he or she prepares for the test.

Leon McCants

Summer Art Camp

During the month of June, three sessions of art camp will be offered at Teague.  Are you an incoming 6th, 7th or 8th grade student looking for something fun and creative to do this summer?  Camps will be held June 2-5, 9-12 and 23-26.  The cost is $100 per session.

Click on the picture below for more information and an enrollment form.



Incoming Sixth Grade Students

On Thursday, February 6, Teague Middle School held Parent Night for the parents of incoming sixth grade students for the 2014-2015 school year.  If you are a parent of an incoming sixth grade student and were not able to attend, or if you would like to review the information, click on the links below for a PowerPoint presentation concerning the school, a chart concerning math progression and frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Teague Middle School Presentation

Middle School to High School Course Progression

Introducing Mr. McCants

I obtained my Bachelors of Science degree from Florida A&M University in Mathematics Education in 1999 as well as my Masters of Education in Educational Leadership in 2006. I am currently pursing my doctorate degree. I started my teaching career at Lake Brantley High School in 2000 where I taught mathematics for 5 years and later promoted to the Dean of Students in 2004. In 2007, I was hired as the Assistant Principal at Seminole High School until 2013 when I was transferred to Lyman High School to supervise the Engineering Institute, mathematics, and social sciences departments. During my tenure as Dean of Students and Assistant Principal, I gained a plethora of experience and success in program initiatives, instructional leadership, optimizing the learning environment, professional development, rapport with stakeholders, and promoting a safe learning environment. My accomplishments have stemmed primarily from effective internal/external communication and a firm commitment to student-centered learning. I pride myself on being a child advocate who believes all students can learn. I am a visible, hardworking, personable, and knowledgeable instructional leader whose aim is to ensure adherence to federal and state regulations, increased student achievement; as well as, the support and success of faculty and students. I am enthusiastic and well prepared to continue my knowledge and dedication to Teague Middle School in an effort to maximize the student learning experience.

Student ID Cards

Dear Teague Family,

In the interest of safety and security Teague is providing Student Identification Cards to all students. The expectation is that EVERY student will wear their card at all times.

In addition to the all-important safety issue, the ID’s will expedite cafeteria service. Student’s bar code on the IDs are tied to café accounts to speed up the process and decreasing the wait time in line for everyone. The cards will also be used in the office, discipline, after-school tutorial as well as other programs and services throughout the school.

Once student IDs are distributed replacing IDs will be easy. Lost, stolen, altered, damaged and defaced ID Cards must be replaced IMMEDIATELY with a temporary card until a permanent replacement can be created.

·        Students are encouraged to purchase a replacement card for $5.

·        Replacement lanyards will be available for $1.

·        Students who have not taken their school picture will receive temporary IDs until the new cards are created after picture retake day Tuesday October 22nd.

Teague Middle School

Ready to Learn

Ready to Succeed



 The UpStanders is Teague's Anti-Bullying Club. Our focus is to increase awareness about bullying issues and to teach students how to be an UpStander instead of a bystander. The UpStander Club, under the supervision of Mr. Bennett (Sixth Grade Dean) and Ms. Berry (Spanish Teacher) plans homeroom activities for the entire school that address issues of character, empathy, compassion and strategies to eliminate bullying on our campus. 

In addition to homeroom activities, the UpStanders have made an effort to cover the school with positive messages via posters and flyers. We did a series of "I believe" flyers where students made statements of belief for our school like "I believe that all students should feel safe at school" or "I believe that everyone deserves a second chance". There is also a series of posters regarding online social media and cyberbullying.

 The UpStanders have also created videos about bullying and cyberbullying. They were aired multiple times on Teague's announcements for the entire student body as well as at last year’s 7th grade assembly.

UpStanders are identified on a bulletin board for the whole school to see so that students know who they can come to for help with a bullying problem. Students are always encouraged to speak to an adult they trust, but sometimes having a friend go with you is a great help! 

Follow us on Instagram @tmsupstanders and @tmsleadership!


Teague's New Cell Phone Policy

All cell phones are to be turned off and put away upon arrival at school.  Absolutely no cell phones are to be seen throughout the school day, unless directed by a teacher.

Student Afternoon Checkout Information

Students will not be checked out of school in the afternoon after 3:30 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, or after 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday.  Parents, please keep this in mind when you come to pick up your child and check him or her out before the end of the school day.