Teague Middle School

 Debra Abbott
(Reading and ESOL)

Assistant Principals

Dr. Ted Johnson
(Science and Exploratory (Electives))

Betty Rodriques
(English Language Arts and Social Studies)

Cynthia Woods
(Math and Exceptional Student Education)


School Administration Manager

Robyn Steiner


Cherlottla Argrett
Michael Bundy

Dining Service Manager

Charlene Leiter

School Fax Number

Our Mission

The mission of the Seminole County Public Schools is to ensure that all Early Childhood Program and PreK-Grade 12 students acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to be productive citizens. 

School Wide Goals

> Exemplify shared leadership focused on learning, collaboration, accountability and results

> Implement the Cycle of Effective Instruction

> Promote a climate in which ALL students, staff, and community are valued and respected

Upcoming Activities

2/26/18 - Boys Basketball Tryouts - all grades
2/28/18 - Boys Basketball Tryouts - 6th/7th grade only
3/1/18 - Boys Basketball Tryouts - 8th grade only
3/5/18 - Girls Basketball Tryouts - all grades
3/6/18 - Girls Basketball Tryouts - all grades
3/6/18 - FSA Writing
3/8/18 - 3/15/18 - 3rd Quarter Exams
3/16/18 - No School - Teacher Work Day
3/19/18 - 3/23/18 - No School - Spring Break
3/26/18 - Start of 4th Quarter
3/29/18 - Spring Photos Taken

2017-2018 Uniform Statewide Assessment Calendar




Tiger of the Month 

Peggy Clarke

You Make a Difference Award

Britt Johnson


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2/26/18 - Boys Basketball Tryouts - all grades
2/28/18 - Boys Basketball Tryouts - 6th/7th grade only
3/1/18 - Boys Basketball Tryouts - 8th grade only
3/5/18 - Girls Basketball Tryouts - all grades
3/6/18 - Girls Basketball Tryouts - all grades
3/6/18 - FSA Writing
3/8/18 - 3/15/18 - 3rd Quarter Exams
3/16/18 - No School - Teacher Work Day
3/19/18 - 3/23/18 - No School - Spring Break
3/26/18 - Start of 4th Quarter
3/29/18 - Spring Photos Taken


8th Grade PSAT Information

8th graders received their PSAT scores and the parent guide to understanding their scores is attached: PSAT 8-9 Understanding Scores_Fall.pdf

Introducing KZone After School Program

Teague Middle School is pleased to announce there will be an after school program offered through KZone at the school.  This program will begin the first day of school and the hours will be from school dismissal time until 6:00 pm daily.  Please see attached informational flyer for registration information: KZone Flyer 2017.pdf
Hope to see you there!

Supply List 2017-2018


Basic List for 6th, 7th, and 8th Grades
·        Loose-leaf paper (wide-ruled)
·        Graph paper 4 or 5 square per inch
·        7 Three-prong pocket folders  (1 per class)
·        Pencils- No. 2
·        Pens- Blue, Black, and Red
          (each color needed)
·        Highlighters (2 colors)
·        2-Expo markers
·        White board eraser or old sock or washcloth
·        Colored pencils
          (box of 12 or more)
·        Page protectors- 1 pack (to be used
         in all classes)
·        2-Composition Notebooks

Please note that this is a basic supply list and certain teachers may request additional items.
Please no permanent markers of any kind.


Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent Teacher Conferences will be held Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 8:30 AM.  To schedule a parent teacher conference please call 407-320-1554.

ROTC Information

Please see attachment for more information about Teague's ROTC program.  ROTC.pdf

Teague Curriulum Guide

Scheduling for 2017-18 classes has taken on a new look this year. I believe it is important for parents and students to have information about the course offerings provided at each grade level. Hence, the detailed registration card sent home with each child on Wednesday, 1/11/17. In our first quest to accomplish this task, we have encountered a few bumps in the road. I thank you for your patience as we work to correct any errors or omissions. I thank you for your input as we continue on this journey. Please see valuable information below:
  1. Course Code Numbers are not needed on the forms.  These will be added when the students enter the classes into the computer.
  2. On the registration card please identify the level of Core course requested. (Examples – Standard, ESOL, Advanced, Gifted, etc)
  3. The only full year electives are: Band, Chorus and Spanish I. 
  4. The only required courses are P.E. (all grades), I-Journeys (grade 7) and I-Connect (grade8)
  5. Teague Curriculum Guide will provide additional information about Teague, enrollment, flow charts and classes.   Click here to open:  Teague Curriuclum Guide.pdf 
  6. Students will turn in completed cards to the science teacher. This will assure that the cards are in safe keeping, until the day they are to be entered into Skyward.
  7. The following courses receive high school credit and will be reflected on the students high school transcript:
    1. Algebra I Standard and Honors
    2. Geometry I Honors
    3. Spanish I
    4. I-Connect

Parent Survey

Teague Middle School Parent Feedback Survey


Schools in our district have the opportunity to take part in the development
of a new method to showcase what makes each of our schools unique. 
SCPS has partnered with Datanautix, a local data analytics firm, to create a
new, more transparent school report card that will featuring a snapshot of 
parent, student and school staff perceptions as well as other critical data points. 


Please click on the link https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SCPSParentSS18  
to participate in a very short survey that will allow you to provide input in
your own words about Teague Middle School.  The survey will ask how likely
you are to recommend our school to others and will provide an opportunity
for you to tell us about your experience.

The survey results will be collected and analyzed by
Datanautix.  All responses are collected anonymously
 - no personally  identifiable information will be included as a
part of the survey.  The survey will be open from January 23rd to
February 23rd.   

Teague Middle School Food Pantry

The Teague Middle School Food Pantry will be open daily to assist our families in need.  Please contact the Guidance Department for further information at 407-320-1554.

Dress Code

Please click on the attached link to review Seminole County's Dress Code Policy:  DRESS CODE AND APPEARANCE 2017-18.docx

Required Vaccinations for 2017-2018 Seventh Grade Students

The Florida Department of Health and the Department of Education required all students entering 7th grade to have received a Tdap booster (adult strength tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis). An updated Florida Certification of Immunization DH680 form must be presented to your child school before he/she can receive their schedule or enter school on the first day of classes August 10, 2017.

Your child’s healthcare provider or the Seminole County Health Department can provide the Tdap booster.


400 West Airport Boulevard

Sanford, Florida  32773

Phone 407-665-3281

Hours of Operation

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm


Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

Good Standings

All 8th grade students will be allowed to attend the 8th grade dance as long as they adhere to the following criteria: Maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA, are not involved in truancy issues, have no referrals resulting in a Saturday School or Suspension or have no outstanding monies owed to Seminole County Public Schools. Dress code policies will be enforced at the dance including strapless or “see through” attire.

Student Afternoon Checkout Information

Students will not be checked out of school in the afternoon after 3:30 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, or after 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday.  Parents, please keep this in mind when you come to pick up your child and check him or her out before the end of the school day.

eCampus Parent Access Information

Dear Parent/Guardian,

eCampus is the new platform for online and blended learning in Seminole County.  As a parent, you may wish to observe what is happening in your child's classes. In this role, you can view the content of the course and receive notifications if you choose.  Click on the link below and follow the easy steps in the Parent Access Information document set up your "Observer" role for all of  your child's SCPS classes that are in eCampus.  ***Note, not all classes will have an eCampus course.

eCampus Parent Access Information

Student ID Cards

Dear Teague Family,

In the interest of safety and security Teague is providing Student Identification Cards to all students. The expectation is that EVERY student will wear their card at all times, once received from our photography company.

In addition to the all-important safety issue, the ID’s will expedite cafeteria service. Student’s bar code on the IDs are tied to café accounts to speed up the process and decreasing the wait time in line for everyone. The cards will also be used in the office, discipline, after-school tutorial as well as other programs and services throughout the school.

Once student IDs are distributed replacing IDs will be easy. Lost, stolen, altered, damaged and defaced ID Cards must be replaced IMMEDIATELY with a temporary card until a permanent replacement can be created.
·        Students are encouraged to purchase a replacement card for $5.
·        Replacement lanyards will be available for $1.
·        Students who have not taken their school picture will receive temporary IDs.

Teague Middle School

Ready to Learn

Ready to Succeed

Tiger of the Month

The Teacher of the Month Program (Teague Tiger) is designed to recognize outstanding teachers for their contributions to Teague Middle school. Each month, one teacher will be recognized. Nominations may be submitted by the school faculty, staff, students, and parents. Regardless of the outcome, Teague administration would like to stress that the real tribute of this award is the nomination. The nomination symbolizes the esteem and appreciation that everyone has for our teachers. If you would like to nominate a teacher, please click on the link below to access a nomination form. E-mail  to  Janella_McClary@scps.k12.fl.us.

Nomination Form


Boxtops for Education

Please support Teague by turning in your Box Tops which we  use to fund student activities at our school. Click on the link to see the current list of products that are part of the Box Tops program. Students may turn in Box Tops to their first period teacher or to the Front Office.

Click here for a list of products.

Information Concerning Bullying

Students can report bullying by completing a statement in the discipline office or contacting the Speak-Out-Hotline
·         On-line: www.speakouthotline.org  (an anonymous tip on the website)
·         Call: 1-800-423-TIPS
·         Text:  text “speakout” plus your tip information to CRIMES (274637)​.

Click here to access the Seminole County Public Schools policy concerning bullying.