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Institute of Innovation @ Teague Middle School

Welcome to the Institute of Innovation @ Teague Middle School, our new Program of Exploration. The curriculum employs the SCPS ePathways skills for Future Ready Graduates. Through Project Based Learning, we will prepare students to be productive members of the community, informed members of a democratic society, and responsible members of the 21st Century global economy. This course will prepare students by using a positive, competitive business environment that will inspire them to create and innovate. We look forward to a challenging and productive school year.


This ground-breaking program will allow students to develop their own personal brand through reflection and self-evaluation. The students will then work in teams to complete a passion project by identifying a problem, researching and implementing a solution, and reflecting on personal goals.

Pursuing Our Passions and Creatively Solving Real-World Problems

Students enrolled in the Institute of Innovation courses focus on their passions in a student-centered learning environment.  They dig deep into learning about topics that motivate and inspire them.  We ask students questions such as, “What are you interested in?”, “What are you curious about?”, and “What do you care about and why it matters?” to get them thinking about the world around them and how they can impact others.

Institute of Innovation Course Offerings

Innovation I:  Future Ready Skills Lab - Personal Branding   This ground-breaking program will allow students the opportunity to develop their own personal brand through reflection and self-evaluation.  Students will work in teams to complete a passion project using the Essential Project Design Elements for gold standard Project Based Learning.  Students will identify a problem, research and implement a solution, and reflect on their personal goals. 

Innovation II:  Future Ready Skills Lab -Thinking Like an Entrepreneur   This course will require students to use their newly identified knowledge and strengths to begin thinking like an entrepreneur.  Students will reflect on the learning that has taken place in order to refine the implementation of their passion project.  

Innovation III: Future Ready Skills Lab- Learning Through Reflection (Begins 2019-2020)


Institute of Innovation Relevant Electives

Robotics I

Robotics II

Robotics III (application required)

Creative Writing:  Creating a digital publication

Video Production A: Fundamentals of Telecommunication

Video Production B:  Tiger News Network (application required)

Yearbook (application required)

iJourneys:  Orientation to Career and Technical Occupations

iConnect:  Workplace Technology Applications

iChallenge:  Exploring Information Technology (1 semester or 2 semesters)