Upcoming Activities

Thursday, 8/17/17  -  Picture Day
Thursday, 8/17/17 - Open House at 6:00 PM
Wednesday, 9/20/17  -  Volleyball Game vs Sanford (B-home, G -away)
Wednesday, 9/27/17 - Volleyball Game vs Markham Woods - Galileo JV (B-home,  G-away)
Wednesday, 10/4/17 - Volleyball Game vs  Greenwood Lakes  Galileo JV  (B-away,  G-home)
Wednesday, 10/11/17  - Volleyball Game vs Rock Lake (B-away, G-home)
Wednesday,  10/18/17  - Volleyball Game vs Millennium  (B-home, G-away)
Saturday, 10/21/17  -  Volleyball Tournament     


Algebra Nation

Algebra Nation is a free online EOC preparation resource aligned with the latest state standards developed by the University of Florida in partnership with Study Edge.

A student handout is available and there is a "Test Yourself!" section for each topic, so students can check understanding. Students can ask questions anytime about the material since study experts and Florida teachers are available online.

End-of-Course exam preparation includes video content review sessions, study guides, an interactive Algebra Wall, and a variety of other digital tools. To learn more CLICK HERE