FSA Tip of the Day

Know which type of question is easiest for you. Begin by answering the easiest questions. If you do this, be sure to mark the questions you skip with a question mark. Leave the ovals on the answer sheet blank for the questions you skip. Go back to those questions later.

Upcoming Activities

Feb. 2 - 23 - Progress Monitoring Assessments (Discovery Education)

Feb. 16 - School System Closed

Mar. 2 - 12 - FSA Writing Grades 6-8

Mar. 10 - Spring Pictures

Mar. 9 - 12 - Third Quarter Exams


The staff at Teague Middle School continually strives to provide an excellent environment for our students to learn and grow.  The education and welfare of the students are of utmost importance to them and they are constantly participating in professional development activities to improve their skills.