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iJourney & iConnect Parent Permission Forms REQUIRED for Testing



ATTENTION PARENTS OF iJourney and iConnect students:


Teague Middle School is providing an incredible opportunity for your child to obtain a Digital Tools Certification with the successful completion of the IC3 Exam given through SCPS ePathways courses.  If your child is enrolled in either iJourney or iConnect courses offered here at Teague, they will take the “Living Online”, “Computing Fundamentals”, and “Key Application” Exams that compose the three part certification.  In order to be eligible for the exams, a required permission form must be completed.  Students who are successful with the Digital Tools Certification Exams will have educational and occupational advantages as they move on to high school.  These certifications can provide students with advantages in future employment opportunities, obtaining scholarships, college entry, and internships.


We need your help!  Your son or daughter will need to return the Certiport Parent/Legal Guardian Consent Form in order to create an account within Certiport prior to being allowed to take any of the exams.  Certiport Permission Forms were sent home with students on Friday, October 5th.  If your child has already returned the permission form, you do not need to do anything more at this time (Thank you).  A printable copy of the permission form is available below please print a copy, fill out and sign, and have your child bring the completed form to his or her iJourney or iConnect teacher.  Students will NOT be allowed to take the exams without a completed permission form.  The first testing window will take place on Tuesday, October 16th and Wednesday, October 17th.  All permission forms must be completed and returned as soon as possible in order for your child to participate in the Digital Tools Certification Exam session.


CLICK HERE for the iJourney and iConnect Parent Permission Form and return it to your students teacher.

7th Grade iJourneys: Your Pathway to Career Exploration

Do you know what path you want to take in life? Do you want the world to know about yourself and your talents? In this course you will explore and discover your own path, learn to be a digital leader in today’s world, and experience career exploration through fun and meaningful creation of your own digital portfolio! This course will help you be better prepared for the transition to high school with an understanding of self and a personalized pathway to the future! This blended course meets the state of Florida’s career education requirement for promotion to high school, will include a 4-year plan for high school connected to potential career paths, and will provide some of the information needed to earn the Digital Literacy certificate.

8th grade– iChallenge : Pathway to Technology & Communication

Expressing yourself through technology is vital to your future. In this course you will learn about various ways to communicate in today’s world through digital technology. As a student in this course you will...


Learn technology terminology and skills through games and game creation.
Learn how communication skills relate to trends in today’s world and how this will help you to become a future leader and entrepreneur.
Research, decide and reflect on how to put your best foot forward and tell the world how awesome you are!
Apply your skills to create personal brand materials and interest - related marketing tools, which will show that you are an innovative, digitally literate citizen.


Students who pass this course in middle school will earn a .5 high school credit, will also satisfy the online learning graduation requirement for high school, and will provide some of the information needed to earn a Digital Literacy certificate.